New Era No. 4 Ferr. Phos 240s

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New Era No. 4 Ferr. Phos 240sNew Era number 4 ferr phis (iron phosphate) 240 tablets contain triturated (finely ground) tiny particles of cell salt in easy to take, dissolve on the tongue 'fastmelt' Tablets with the essential nutrient Biotin. Each bottle contains 240 small "melt under the tongue" Tablets for which New Era is famous. Their cell salt nutrients are therefore more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream than any ordinary tablet can be expected to achieve when chewed, swallowed or taken with a drink. A little extra Biotin added an essential nutrient which contributes to the numbered energy-yielding metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system, numberrmal macronutrient metabolism and psychological function. It also contributes to the maintenance of numberrmal hair, skin and to the maintenance of numberrmal mucous membranes.IndicationsBlood stream oxygenation, chills, fevers, inflammation, congestion, coughs and colds.IngredientsLACTOSE (MILK), GUM ARABIC, BIOTIN, IRON PHOSPHATE.DirectionsPlease refer to packagingSafety WarningPlease refer to packagingBox Contains1 x New Era No. 4 Ferr. Phos 240s B010BDO7E0

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