Oust Dishwasher

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Professional formula for rapid removal of scale depositsRemoves limescale & odours2 x 50ml SachetsDirectionsSuitable for all Dishwashers.Empty Dishwasher,& pour contents of 1 satchet onto the bottom of the machine.Select and run a normal programme without pre-wash. FOR WASHING MACHINES: Suitable for front loading automatic machines.Empty washing machine and add contents of 1 satchet to the drum,select and run at 60degree cycle without pre wash Oust Dishwasher & Washing Machine Descaler. 2 SATCHETS. | Oust is designed to restore good as new shine and performance to your household appliances-no hassle just good results. | Limescale can build up unseen inside large appliances reducing their performance over time and ultimately even shortening their life. | Is specially formulated to safely and effectively restore these appliances to their best. | It descales and deep cleans in one removing the limescale,food and detergent deposits.

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