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Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron And Vitamin Formula - 250ml 30-09-23

Floravital contains the same ingredients as the original floradix formulation for health and vitality. However, floravital is yeast and gluten free with no added sugar as it does not contain...

Floradix Iron & Vitamin Formula Liquid 250ml 30-09-23

Multipack, Money saving listing consisting of 16 x Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 250ml. Contains herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrates No preservatives or colourings No lactose Suitable for vegetarians Food...

Floradix Iron 84 Tabs

Floradix Tablets, with iron, vitamins, folic acid and herbal extracts. The tablets help to provide energy and increase vitality. Floradix Tablets are a nutritional food supplement which provides organic iron,...

Floradix Liquid Iron And Vitamin Formula 500ml

IngredientsAqueous herbal extract (54 %) from: carrot root (Daucus carota), nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), spinach leaf(Spinacia oleracea), couch grass root, (Agropyron repens), fennel fruit, (Foeniculum vulgare), kelp thallus, (Macrocystis pyrifera),roselle...

Floradix Vitamin B Complex Liquid Formula 250ml

Floradix Vitamin-B-complex contains vitamins of the B-complex which are involved in a multitude of important metabolic processes in the body and contribute significantly to general health and wellbeing. The daily...

SALUS Kindervital, 250 ML

Your first choice for your childs health and wellbeing. Kindervital for children is a high quality multi vitamin and mineral preperation. it contains essential vitamins A, B complex, C, D...

Salus-Haus - Floradix Magnesium Liquid - 8.5 Oz

Salus Magnesium Liquid Mineral Supplement - Magnesium is an important element that is required to maintain many of the body's metabolic processes, muscle concentration, nerve function and energy metabolism.IngredientsFloradix Magnesium...