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Kleenex Allergy Soft Tissues

Kleenex Allergy Comfort tissues are designed to be extremely gentle and ultra absorbent for the nose and around the eyes. Now in a convenient pack, ideal for use on the...

Kleenex Allergy Waterfresh Tissues

New Kleenex Water Fresh Wipes Allergy Comfort are made with soft, thick textured fabric to wipe away allergens. Infused with 99% pure water for an instant refreshing feeling.

Kleenex Balsam Mansize Compact 50

Everyone's nose needs a little extra love in the cold. The micro fine layer of calendula in Kleenex Balsam tissues provides a soothing, protective balm to help prevent your nose...

Kleenex Facial Tissue Oval 64 White Three Ply Sheets

KLEENEX C.64 pañuelos faciales 3c 20x21cm, 4 diseños certif.FSC para dar una excelente imagen 8826

Kleenex Mansize Compact Tissues Single Box

Kleenex Mansize Compact Tissues Single Box are simply softest ever tissue. Unbeatably soft, these silky tissues are simply a pleasure to touch and feel lovely against your skin. These tissues...

Kleenex Ultra Soft Pocket Packs Tissues 8Pack

Whether it's cold and flu season or the kids are heading back to school, the job of preparing your family is never done. Partner with Kleenex ultra soft tissues for...