Aduna Organic Fonio Ancient Super Grain 250g



Aduna Organic Fonio Ancient Super Grain 250gFonio has been grown in West Africa for 5,000 years and is thought to be one of Africa?s oldest cereals. It is mostly cultivated in West Africa in the arid Sahel region. The smallest in the millet family, fonio grains are just 1mm big, similar to a grain of sand. Fonio is also known as ?Digitaria Exilis?, ?acha? or ?hungry rice? (although this is often misunderstood in English - it is not because people are hungry that it has this name, it is because it is so delicious, it makes you hungry!) Due to its small size, it is relatively difficult to process which is why it has been unavailable outside of Africa? until now! Fonio is literally the stuff of legend. The Dogon people of Mali believe the entire universe was born out of a single fonio grain; which is why it?s called ?The Seed of the Universe?. And the ancient Egyptians used to give it to the dead to keep them nourished in the afterlife. Fonio is highly versatile and so easy to use, an African proverb says ?fonio never embarrasses the chef.? Try it in stuffed peppers or tomatoes, as a side dish to soak up sauces, in stews, casseroles, curries, soups, buddah bowls, pancakes, porridge or salads. Enjoy! Made with Recyclable and Re-Sealable packaging, store in a cool, dry placeIngredientsOrganic fonio grain (Digitaria Exilis); raw, prewashed B082Y6218N

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