Attitude Little Ones - 40 Wash Pear Fabric Softener 1Ltr

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Attitude Little Ones - 40 Wash Pear Fabric Softener 1LtrIt is natural that the parents your children always want to protect. The Baby Fabric Softener is the best way since no carcinogenic ingredients is made. The fabric softener prevents static charge the baby clothes, and makes them beautifully smooth and soft, the best decision of the parents. "Safe and clean ingredients - all of our products and by-products of attitude are guaranteed to be free from Karzinogenen, Mutagenen and Reproduktionsgefährdenden toxins; no animal cruelty & Vegan - All attitude products are vegan and free from all animal ingredients. Attitude is now a member of the Peta program to prevent animal cruelty; climate-neutral - to help reduce the production of our negative impact to the climate change, uses attitude in the manufacture and every product 100% renewable energies - and the greenhouse gas emissions are depicted by the Anpflanzung New Tree, compensating, recyclable - All bottles are made from recycled HDPE # 2 plastic - this plastic type is suitable Is best suited for the recycling; Natural All attitude products are made from mineral and/or plant-based ingredients, Brewmaker's "EcoLogo Certified Organic - the is given to products that meet a wide range of Lebenszyklusbasierten requirements - and this is a proof the Strebens and then, on environmentally friendly production, sustainable, attitude in all production processes to then a natural life cycle to access. From the origin of raw materials to produce the final product, minimises attitude all the negative effects of which you have on the environment, in order to get a sustainable production, made in Canada B00OKD7N1C

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