Better Than Organic Konnyaku Konjac Flour Food 14 Ounce

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Better Than Rice is made from Moyu (Konjac), a natural vegetable fibre that the body doesn?t absorb. It is one of the European approved Rice in the UK and Ireland for Weight Loss. It is gluten-free and it is listed with Coeliac UK and Coeliac Society of Ireland. Better Than Rice contains only 9 calories, which comes from the fibre. It contains 0g of carbohydrates and 0g of sugar per serving, making it a great alternative for diabetics too. Because Eat Water products actually slow digestion, they make it easier to diet. Adding three servings a day means you will feel less hungry and reduce those pesky cravings that can challenge willpower and lead to mindless snacking. Made from all-natural Konjac flour from the Asian Konjac plant, Better Than Rice contains just 9 calories per 100g serving compared to 350 calories found in regular rice. If you?re on a weight loss plan or simply want to maintain your figure, Better Rice is Mother Nature?s answer to healthy slimming. Made from the South East Asian Konjac plant, this all-natural ingredient has been grown in China for centuries and is a low calorie alternative to traditional rice. Proven to help manage healthy cholesterol levels, Better Than Rice is also suitable for vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and kosher diets and is completely gluten free.IngredientsPurified Water, Organic Konnyaku Flour, Oat Fibre High absorbency for fuller flavour | Gluten free | Fat and sugar free | Just 7 calories and 0g carbs per 100g serving

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