Bragg's Medicinal Charcoal Tablets (100)

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100% natural food supplement for digestive relief and detox. Used for the treatment of indigestion, bloating, gas, wind, flatulence, diarrhoea and dyspepsia. Take a pack on holiday to protect against the effects of an upset stomach. Bragg?s is the only UK manufacturer of medicinal activated charcoal. Our activated charcoal is produced from coconut shells and has been purified for use as a pharmaceutical active ingredient. High potency and high absorbency product made from natural ingredients with no artificial additives. Wheat and lactose free. Rapid release vegetarian and vegan friendly capsules for faster relief. Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.IndicationsIndigestion, Wind, HeartburnIngredientsImage result for bragg's medicinal charcoal 100 tablets ingredients Bragg's Medicinal Charcoal contains the active ingredient: Activated charcoal powder BPC1934 at 300mg per tablet, produced using coconut shells. Other ingredients: Icing sugar, starch, gum tragacanth, magnesium stearate. (all ingredients are from vegetable sources).DirectionsAdults, including elderly and children over 12 years: 2-4 tablets after meals, 3 times a day. Chew or swallow with liquid. Suitable for vegetarians and may be used during pregnancy and breast feeding. Not recommended for children under 12 years old.Safety WarningNot recommended for children under 12 years oldBox ContainsEach order comes with 1 x Bragg's Medicinal Charcoal 100 Tablets Relieves indigestion, wind and heartburn. | Made with 100 percent natural ingredients. | Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. | Gluten free; Lactose Free. | Fast relief. | Manufactured in the UK. | Bragg's is the original charcoal remedy and the only licensed medicinal charcoal company in the UK. | Charcoal can be produced from a wide variety of materials; bamboo, wood, moss, bone and coconut. Some of the most common forms of charcoal are used as fuels or absorbents used in purification processes, many of these grades of charcoal would be harmful if ingested. Charcoal used for medical applications is highly refined and purified to remove the harmful substances found in other grades, the charcoal is also activated. Activated charcoal is produced by; heating charcoal to high temperatures (800 - 1000 degrees centigrade) this process alters the structure of the charcoal producing a lattice / honeycomb structure, which has a huge surface area, 1g of activated charcoal may have an area of over 1000 square meters.

JL Bragg, only uses activated charcoal produced from Coconuts, the structure of activated charcoal produced from Coconuts is unique and works in harmony with our bodies, other forms of charcoal do not have the same health benefits. Activated charcoal does not absorb any nutrients, minerals or vitamins as these substances are either too large or do not bond with activated charcoal.

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