Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu - Pack of 5



Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu .VeganProduct InfoNutritional InfoHow to UseIngredients: Dried sea vegetable (Laminaria japonica) Due to the nature of this product, this pack may contain a trace amount of fish, molluscs and/or crustaceans.High in Iodine. Kombu naturally contains high levels of iodine. People sensitve to the effects of iodine are advised to seek medical advice before consuming this product.Product weight: 40gClearspring Japanese Kombu is sustainably harvested in the luscious waters off the island of Hokkaido, Japan?s northernmost prefecture. Kombu is a sea vegetable and is the key ingredient used to make Dashi, a stock popular in Japanese cooking. Try cooking it with Clearspring dried Shiitake mushroom to create a balanced, umami-rich base for your soups, stews and sauces. Product Code: SVG0301.040ASugar FreeFat FreeSaturated Fat FreeVery Low SaltNutritional InformationTypical values (prepared stock)g per 100gEnergy kJ: 7Energy kCal: 2Fat: 0 of which saturates: 0Carbohydrate: 0.2 of which sugars: 0Protein: 0Salt: 0.02Vitamins and MineralsTypical values (prepared stock)g per 100gIodine: 371 µg (247% DRI*)Dietary StatusYeast FreeFree of Added AlcoholFor an explanation of the claims made above please click here To prepare, soak 2g of kombu in 1 litre of water for 20-30 mins. Then bring slowly to the boil and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the kombu from the stock and discard before use. IngredientsDried sea vegetable (Laminaria japonica) B094L1BBP6

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