Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha Turmeric Tea 20 Bags



Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha Turmeric Tea 20 BagsOrganicKosherVeganProduct InfoNutritional InfoHow to UseProducers StoryIngredients: Sencha green tea leaves* (58.5%), turmeric* (40%), matcha green tea powder* (1.5%). *organicProduct weight: 20 bags (36g)Clearspring Organic Matcha Turmeric perfectly combines Japanese green tea, the deeply invigorating taste of premium Matcha with the rich and ?ery notes of golden turmeric. These two ?avour powerhouses work together harmoniously like a marriage made in heaven, to deliver an uplifting, satisfying boost at any time of the day. New 100% Sustainable PackagingTeabags: CompostableTags, Envelopes, Carton: RecyclableOur new Teabags range is non-GM and in 100% sustainable packaging. The teabags are stitched together using a unique folding process and are staple free. The strings are made of 100% organic cotton and the outer carton is recyclable and printed using vegetable-based ink. What is Matcha? Matcha is finely ground green tea leaf powder and is the most prized amongst Japanese teas. It has been drunk as part of the tea ceremony for 900 years as well as by Buddhist monks during long days of meditation.This very concentrated form of green tea is drunk as a fine powder diffused in liquid so you actually ingest the whole leaf, consuming every last bit of goodness.Product Code: TEA0710.036ANutritional data currently being updated, please check back later. Boil fresh water and leave to cool for a minute before pouring over the tea bag. Infuse for 1-2 minutes only for best flavour. Store in a cool, dry place Third Generation Tea Family from Kyoto, Japan In the hills around Kyoto, the third generation of the Nagata family use special organic methods, known as Nature Farming, to produce a raIngredientsSencha green tea leaves* (58.5%), turmeric* (40%), matcha green tea powder* (1.5%). *organic B083P5SLSR

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