Clipper Organic & Fair Trade Green Tea 40 Bags

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Clipper Organic & Fair Trade Green Tea 40 BagsThe light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, tastes as good as it looks in the cup. Plastic-free tea bags. Bags More to Feel Good About: These tea bags are sealed with PLA which is a bio-polymer made from a renewable, natural and non-GM plant source. They are completely free of plastic made from fossil fuel, such as polypropylene. This is the plastic that's left behind when normal tea bags break down. You can pop our tea bags into your food waste bin and they will fully biodegrade. Born in Dorset in 1984, Clipper is a different type of tea company. Dedicated to making the best-tasting tea, we only use the highest quality sources, never add anything artificial and strive to improve the welfare of workers and their families. No wonder Clipper tastes so good.IngredientsGreen Tea.DirectionsAlways use fresh water, pour it over the tea it's still boiling and Allow to brew for 2-4 minutes.Manufacturer Contact Information2 Riverview, The Meadows Business Park, Surrey, GU17 9AB, United Kingdom. B08BN5Q8ZD

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