Clipper Organic Infusion Redbush Enveloped 250 Teabags 500 g



Clipper products are made with pure ingredients and a clear conscience. We use only the highest-quality sources, add nothing artificial and strive to improve the welfare of the workers. No wonder they taste so good. Before Clipper, the world of tea looked very different. Back then, people didn?t think too hard about what was inside the bag. In the UK, tea was tea. It came in a cup with milk. And sugar. Often too much. Then, in 1984, along came our founders, Mike and Lorraine - two tea fanatics, determined to change the world of tea forever. And so Clipper was born. Guided by our mantra, ?It?s what?s on the inside that counts?, we focussed obsessively on what?s inside the bag. The result? A range of teas that were brighter, bolder and better-tasting. To find out more, visit us at www.clipper-teas.comIngredientsOrganically Grown Redbush (Rooibos)DirectionsAlways use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it's still boiling and allow to infuse for 2-5 minutes.Box ContainsEach order comes with 1 x Clipper Organic Infusion Redbush Enveloped 250 Teabags 500 g This exceptional South African tea is highly refreshing and tasty with a gorgeous subtle caramel character. | An excellent alternative to black tea that's naturally caffeine free and is delicious served with or without milk. | Organic, natural, fair & delicious | We never add anything artificial, we don't even bleach our bags | Large pack of 250 enveloped tea bags

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