Copic E11-V Various Barely Beige Ink

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If you see stripes in your work, it is the time to fill. A bottle used by Copic Various Ink Refill Ciao marker 13 times, hard back sketch wide/8-10 times, Copic 7-9 times, or 5-6 times. Can be clipped in your hair with the Color number with your marker color and almost no ink refill will be covered by Copic markers. Bottles are easy to use, either with the handy Booster or by dabbing the ink directly onto the nib. Copic tweezers Use to the tip, removing it from the for refilling even faster.
3 year guarantee To Ensure Durability
300 + Colours (contains over 40 Grey Tones)
Alcohol based ink
Guaranteed color consistency
Custom your own personalised colours
Universal colours
Dimensions; The One On The Bottle
Angled tip for easy to use
Non-toxic, dries acid free
Puncture proof (not dissolve toner)
Empty bottles are
Cleans with alcohol

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