Dalla Costa Dinosaur Tricolour Pasta 250g



Dalla Costa Dinosaur Tricolour Pasta 250gDalla Costa Dinosauri Pasta 250g. Tailor made for the youngest members of the family (from 3 years old).Fun is the most important ingredient used to create our kids? pasta. Pasta in special shapes strictly Made in Italy designed to appeal to young children, so every meal becomes transformed into a tasty, engaging and enjoyable game. Extruded through bronze dies and made by adopting the technique of a lengthy drying time at low temperature, this pasta preserves all its organoleptic properties, for nutrition that is full of the flavours of the wheat and the vegetables. Pasta strictly of Italian origin that offers families innovative products with original shapes and tastes, to encourage children to grow learning the principles of a healthy diet.IngredientsDurum WHEAT Semolina, Dehydrated Tomato 1.5%, Dehydrated Spinach 1.5%.DirectionsStore in a cool, dry place.Manufacturer Contact InformationTrustin Foods UK Ltd, PO Box 355, Witney. OX28 6WY B07PMZWM3N

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