Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Antiperspirant & Sweat Marks Remover250ml



Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils for Antiperspirant & Sweat Marks is a stain remover specially formulated to eliminate unsightly stains and odour from antiperspirant and sweat residue. Regular use will further prevent build-up, keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Always test for colourfastness first on a concealed area before use.Important InformationDO NOT USE ON LEATHER, SUEDE, SILK, ACETATE/RAYON, CARPETS OR UPHOLSTERY. Before use test for colourfastness: Apply a small amount of solution on an inconspicuous area and leave until dry. If there is no change in colour, continue following the instructions. Always rinse test area with warm water and follow garment's wash care label.Ingredients/DirectionsDr Beckmann, ACDOCO and Helen Why are registered trade marks of ACDOCOSafety WarningDirections for use - please read important information before use Moisten the stain well with spray and leave to work for 10 minutes. For every persistent or old stains, leave for up to 30 mins. Do not allow to dry. Then wash as normal. Important Information Always Test for Colourfastness First on an inconspicuous area of fabric before use. Always check the wash care label. Do not treat the textile on acid sensitive surfaces or on/in the washing machine. Suitable for all washable and colourfast fabrics except silk, wool and leather. Always clean nozzle after use and turn to off position.Manufacturer Contact InformationMallison Street Astley Bridge Bolton Bl1 8Pp Eliminates stubbon deodorant and perspiration residue | Actively neutralises odours | With preventive action when used regularly | Suitable for white and coloured garments | Gentle on fibres | Prevents stains use every wash | It works... eliminating stains & odour | Removes antiperspirant and sweat marks

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