Ellas Kitchen The Yellow One Fruit Smoothie - Pack of 12



Ellas Kitchen The Yellow One Fruit Smoothie - Pack of 12Ella's Kitchen organic fruit smoothie has banana with mango and apricot. It is a certified USDA organic mix of smoothie fruits with nothing else added except a tiny splash of lemon juice. The ingredients and textures are suitable for babies from 6 months and contain 1 of the 5 lovely pieces of fruit and vegetable recommended each day. It is a healthy, easy, smoothie snack for babies and toddlers. It has no added sugar or salt and contains naturally occurring sugars. It is free from additives or thickeners, E numbers or GM, lumps and nothing artificial, Just squished organic fruit for kids. It is suitable for vegetarian. It is available 12 pouches of each 90 grams.IngredientsOrganic Bananas 45%,Organic Apples 33%,Organic Mangoes 15%,Organic Apricots 7%,Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (a dash),Other Stuff 0%. B001Q4A3W4

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