Enterosgel Toxin Binding Gel For Cleansing The Gut Sachets (15gx10)

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Enterosgel Toxin Binding Gel For Cleansing The Gut Sachets (15gx10)Size name: pack of 1 detoxifying oral gel passes through the gut, binds toxins, allergens, viruses, pathogens, harmful substances and eliminates them from the body naturally within 7-12 hours. It is not absorbed into membrane, not absorbed into blood. It does not bind vitamins or any beneficial substances in the gut. Main clinical effects of Enterosgel: mitigates or prevents toxic and allergic reactions, helps to stop diarrhoea or shortens the duration of Diarrhea, relieves symptoms of indiagestion (dyspepsia), accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the body, helps to restore beneficial intestinal microflora, protects gastrointestinal mucous membrane and promotes healing of its lesions, reduces the toxic load on the leaver and kidneys. Indications gastrointestinal disorders see all .Indicationsgastrointestinal disordersIngredientsPolymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (methylsilicic acid hydrogel) - 70%, purified water - 30%DirectionsAdults: 15g (1 sachet or 1 tablespoon) 3x a day (30 -45g/24 hours). The product can be stirred into 1-2 dcl water and drunk, or taken with water 1.5 - 2 hours before a meal or 2 hours after a meal or intake of other medication. Children: ? Above 5 years 10 -15g (2-3 teaspoons) 3x a day (30 -45g/24 hours); 1- 5 years 5-10g (1-2 teaspoon) 3x a day (15 - 30g/24 hours); Under 1 year of age 1.7g (1/3 teaspoon) up to 6x a day before meals (up to 10g/24 hours). The individual dose of Enterosgel can be stirred into mother's milk, water, juice or semi-liquid baby food (in the ratio of 1:3).Box Contains10 x Toxin Bind Gelclean Gut Sachets 15 g B012A4VA8E

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