Excilor Treatment For Fungal Nail Infection



The most important constituent of toe and fingenails is keratin, which most anti-fungal preparations are unable to penetrate. In most cases fungi grow underneath the nail, which makes it difficult to treat. Excilor controls the micro-environment of the nail by acidifying the nail bed. Due to the unique TransActive Penetration Technology, Excilor is able to penetrate the nail therefore ensuring the nail is treated from the inside out. It usually takes a few months before an affected nail looks completely healthy again. On average, a toenail grows 1.5 mm in one month. Excilor immediately lowers the pH of the nail, creating an environment that is hostile to fungal growth. However, the damaged nail part needs time to grow out. The efficacy of Excilor has been proven in clinical trials. Excilor is enriched with glycerol, nail care lipids and biotin. The nail plate has a structure that might be compared to a brick wall with the nail cells serving as 'bricks' and the lipids between the cells as 'cement'. Ageing has a significant influence on this nail plate structure and over time nails become drier and will contain less lipids. This increases the risk of infection. Excilor is enriched with glycerol, a water attracting molecule. In addition, it contains special nail care lipids and biotin. The combination softens, hydrates and nourishes the nail plate. With the Excilor Nail Fungus Treatment Pen you will be proud to show your healthy, good-looking nails again.Box ContainsOne Excilor Pen Information Leaflet An effective, clinically proven treatment against fungal infections inside or underneath the nail. Easy to apply. Takes 1 minute a day. No filing needed. | Using our convenient, easy to apply pen, Excilor penetrates the nail without filing and acts fast to block the progression of the fungal nail infection. | Visible results from two weeks on. | Helps to rebuild the damaged nail structure. This will improve the cosmetic aspect of the nail and provides a barrier against future fungal nail infections. | The nails grow back healthier and stronger so re-contamination is prevented.

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