Eylure Individual Lashes Combo, 18.14 Gram

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Eylure Pro individual false eyelashes in short, medium, and long - Black Eyelashes kit Eylure combination of short, medium and long individual lashes in Ultra Black are semi-permanent, flared lash inserts that add fullness to your natural lashes. Use a few at the corner of the eye for a subtle look or as many as you dare for super-full lashes. Eylure pro-lash individual lashes are perfect for false lash fanatics! There are lots of different things you can do with flare lashes like this - from just a couple of clusters at the edge of each eye, right through to a full complement spanning short, medium and long clusters. These lashes are high quality and they come with individual lash adhesive. They also come with Remover for the safe, pain-free removal of these lashes.

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