Eylure Pro-lash Dylash, Dark Brown

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Eylure Lash tint is the product you didn?t know you needed! As your bestie for everything eye-beauty, we?ve got you covered with this super-easy lash tint which can help define and frame your eyes.Lash Tint contains the innovative silver nitrate lash dye which leaves you with a high-quality tint, giving you a deep and natural looking colour in just five minutes.Our vegan and cruelty free Lash Tint is available in two shades; Dark Brown and Black with results lasting up to six weeks! Lash tinting from the comfort of your home? What more could you ask for!Directions:Instructions for use (please note you can colour the lashes of both eyes at the same time):1. Ensure lashes are clean and dry, we suggest using a non-oily make-up remover to remove all make-up prior to application.2. Apply a barrier cream/gel (we suggest a Petroleum jelly type product) on your upper and lower eyelids, avoiding the lashes themselves.3. Apply approx. 1cm of the Activating Gel to the tray. Using the mascara wand, coat the brush thinly. Apply to the lashes, coat them well. Leave for a minimum of 2minutes (you can leave longer for a more intense result but no more than 8 minutes)4. Using a cotton pad, remove the Activating Gel from your lashes by folding the pad in half, enclosing the lashes in between the sides with your fingers and very gently pulling away to remove the residue. Repeat with clean sections of the pad until removed.5. Using a tissue, clean the mascara wand well.6. Apply approx. 1cm of the Developer Gel to a clean part of the tray. Take the well-cleaned mascara wand and thinly coat in the gel. Apply to the lashes, coat them well as before.7. Leave for a minimum of 1 minute (again for a more intense result you can leave for a maximum of 4 minutes)8. Remove the Developer Gel with a cotton pad using the technique detailed above.TIP: Clean the remaining Colour and Gel from the tray after use so this can be used again.PLEASE NOTE: If any of the Activating Gel or the Developer Gel touch the skin remove with a cotton bud immediately or it may temporarily dye the skin.If after using product the hair remains uncoloured it is likely that:a) The hair was not clean.b) Some of the barrier cream got onto the lashes.c) The product has not been left on long enough.Safety Information:WARNING: Contains Silver Nitrate. Rinse eyes immediately if the product comes in contact with them. Store in a dry, cool place. READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. Keep out of reach of children. Box Contents:1 x Colour Creme 3.5ml1 x Developing Gel 3.5ml1x Mascara brush applicator Instructions

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