Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Mask | Almond Crush Treatment Organic Almond Milk & Organic Agave Sap Daily Nourishment for Normal Hair | 300 ml

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Garnier Ultimate Blends haircare products have been sourced from nature and blended with love since 1982. Discover Garnier better haircare products and wholesome blends for naturally elegant hair, every day. Find your shampoo, conditioner or hair mask to match your hair type - for dry hair, curly hair, damaged hair and more.Just as Garnier promise to be better to your hair, Garnier also promise to be better to the world we live in:- Renewable: Garnier try, where possible, to source Garnier ingredients from renewable sources.- Recyclable: Garnier bottles are 100 Percent recyclable.- Sustainable: Garnier products are produced in factories committed to sustainable production.- Terracycle: Partnered with Terracycle to keep beauty products out of landfills.Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush haircare range for normal hair to gently cleanse and weightlessly nourish normal hair battling the daily struggle. Garnier ultimate care blended for naturally elegant hair with Organic Almond Milk and Organic Agave Sap. Discover Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush hair care range the ideal haircare range for normal hair. Pollution, heat, sweat and product build-up can feel like a daily battle. No need to stress when you can enjoy two scrumptious ingredients in one delicious recipe, to leave hair gently cleansed and elegantly nourished. Organic Almond Milk from Spain, is well-loved for its creamy texture and nutty flavour. Agave Sap from Mexico, a gourmet nectar renowned for its revitalising properties, considered a lighter, healthier alternative to honey. Vegan Formula: No animal ingredients or by-products. 100 Percent recyclable bottles.

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