Henne Color Mahogany Henna Hair Colouring Cream 90ml



The colouring cream is based on natural henna extract. Henna is a plant-based, anti-bacterial, antioxidant dye and a natural hair conditioner. It brings suppleness, softness, shine and volume to your hair. It is a temporary hair colourant - regular use will lead to more intense and longer-lasting colour. The cream is easy to apply and ready to use. Please shake the bottle and cut off the tip. Wash your hair and then apply the colouring cream (cover shoulders with towel and waer gloves). Let take effect for 20-40 minutes according to desired intensity. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. TIP: Test the chosen hair colour before first use on a strand to check the result, which depends on the hair´s initial colour and structure (coloured or permed hair).

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