Hermesetas Stevia Sweet Tablets

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The right touch of sweetness. Hermesetas steviasweet contains a calorie-free sweetener produced from the most flavoursome part of the stevia plant. Enjoy the pure sweetness of stevia. Ideal for your tea, coffee and all other hot beverages. A sweetening ingredient of plant origin to extract the most flavoursome part of the stevia plant, dried stevia leaves are boiled in hot water after which the liquid is purified and filtered before being crystallised and dried.Hermesetas guarantees the most stringent quality standards and high purity of their stevia extracts. The stevia extract for hermesetas stevia-sweet is produced using the highest quality standards to create the best sugar-like sweet taste.IngredientsSweetener: Steviol Glycosides,Sodium Carbonate ,Sodium Citrate ,L-Leucine ,Sweetener: Thaumatin.DirectionsHermesetas can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.Safety WarningKeep dispenser dry at all times.Box Contains1 x Hermesetas Stevia Sweet 300 TabletsManufacturer Contact InformationHermes Sweeteners Ltd, Zurich Sweetener produced from the Stevie plant | Calorie and carbohydrate free | Suitable for diabetics | The right touch of sweetness | Ideal for your tea, coffee and all other hot beverages | Stevia is an alternative sweetener ingredient which contains no calories and tastes similar to sugar | The sweeteners steviol glycosides contained in Steviasweet are extracted by a complex process from the leaves of the Stevia plant | Stevia is an appropriate alternative sweetener for everyone looking to limit their sugar consumption

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