Hollings Sausage For Dogs - Pack of 10

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Hollings Sausage For Dogs - Pack of 10Hollings Sausages are providing an irresistibly tasty, all-natural snack for dogs. These Hollings sausages are an ideal healthy and natural treat containing nothing more than premium quality meat, carefully prepared and air dried to provide an extremely nutritious and beneficial snack that can be enjoyed every day by dogs of all sizes. Perfect for feeding between meals as a tasty treat or reward Hollings Sausages are irresistibly chewy and offer an intense meaty flavour not only satisfying your dog's instinctual desire to chew but also promoting dental health by providing an chewy textured product for your dog to get their teeth stuck into. They help to scrape away plaque and tartar through the natural chewing process benefitting your dog's oral hygiene and promoting cleaner, healthier teeth and gums. Moreover these chewy treats are high in protein, highly digestible and contain nothing more than natural pork and beef meat in a natural casing slowly air dried to the perfect texture to lock in all the natural flavour and nutrition.IngredientsMeat and Animal Derivatives (Pork 70%, Beef 20%). Additives: Technological Additives: Antioxidant.DirectionsFeed as a treat or reward to your dog. Adjust food intake accordingly to avoid over-feeding. It is recommended this treat is fed in a stain-resistant area, and consumption should always be supervised. Always ensure there is a bowl of fresh, clean water available when feeding.Box Contains1 x Hollings Sausage Dog Treat B005THW6CO

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