James White Beet-It Sport Pro-Elite Shot - Pack of 15

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James White Beet-It Sport Pro-Elite Shot - Pack of 15No matter how carefully you look you wont find anything but natural goodness inside our Organic Beetroot Juice. Like all our other products we keep our ingredient list simple - 90% Beetroot and 10% fresh apple juice (just to smooth over the naturally earthy taste of beetroot). We are proud to be the UKs first producers of beetroot juice and whats more our Beet IT juice and Organic shots are free from artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Concentrated beetroot stamina shot - 7cl of concentrated beetroot juice - 0.4g of nitrate per shot - 100% natural ingredients - Boost nitric oxide (NO) generation - Increases V02 max - Speed muscle recovery - Used worldwide for sports research - 33% extra natural dietary nitrateFor optimum results we recommend you have one BEET IT SPORT shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Some of our elite athletes insist the best results come from taking the shot on a loading basis ie. having one shot a day for 1-2 weeks before an event. However research shows that athletes will also feel an effect after just one stamina shot.IngredientsCONCENTRATED BEETROOT JUICE (98%), LEMON JUICE; MADE FROM CONCENTRATES.Box ContainsEach order comes with 1 x James White Beet IT Sport Stamina Shot 70 ml B00AMH9DMW

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