Kms California Colour Vitality Shampoo 750ml

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This colour protecting shampoo will fight yellowing and enhance your tone. KMS California colour vitality shampoo is ideal for highlighted and natural blondes. Formulated with a IOPS, (inside out protective system) a powerful nutrient delivery system, it allows the reconstructive and conditioning agents to penetrate deep into your hair. Fused with native natural ingredients and high performing support ingredients it will harmonise your hair to reveal vibrant and healthier looking hair from the inside. This fabulous shampoo will keep your blonde hair bright and even contains a UV filter that will protect your hair from the sun. Available in 750 ml bottle.Box Contains1 x KMS California Colour Vitality Shampoo 750 ml Shampoo for colour protection and restored radiance | Preserves colour vibrancy | Seals in colour to make it last up to 3 times longer | Contains a UV filter that will protect your hair from the sun | Fight yellowing and enhance your tone

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