Listerine Advanced Stay White Tartar Control Mouthwash 250ml

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Keep gums and teeth strong and healthy, and keep breath fresh. Ingredients Aqua Alcohol Sorbitol Poloxamer 407 Benzoic Acid Eucalyptol Menthol Thymol Menthyl Salicylate Aroma Sucralose Sodium Saccharin Sodium Benzoate Zinc Chloride CI 42090 [PR-004058] Directions DIRECTIONS: Expecially effective when used morning and evening after brushing. Pour 20ml (4 x 5 ml teaspoonfuls) into a glass, rinse around teeth and gums for 30 seconds, then spit out. Not suitable for use in children under 12 years. Do not use if bottle seal is broken when purchased. Do not dilute, swallow or swig from bottle. Safety Warning Store below 30°C. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Min Age Limit (Advisory): 12 Years Manufacturer Contact Information Foundation Park Roxborough Way Berks Sl6 3Ug Reduces plaque and removes up to 97% of germs left behind after brushing | Clinically proven to solve a major cause of gum diseases | Provides up to 24 hours of fresh breath protection | Kills germs above and below the gum line to keep gums healthy

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