Lunette Menstrual Cup Clear Model 1 Single

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Lunette Menstrual Cup Clear Model 1 SingleThe transparent LUNACOPINE size 1 is a menstrual cup that fits into the vagina to receive the menstrual periods. It is suitable for women who never give birth, under 30 years or have a mild to normal menstrual flow. Like all LunaCopine menstrual cups, it is flexible. 100% medical silicone, the LUNACOPINE menstrual cup size 1 is transparent and does not contain bleaching agents, no perfume, and does not dry out the vagina. It can be boiled to be sterilised. It is not soiled during urination and can be kept for up to 12 hours in a row. The LunaCopine is perfectly suited for swimming. B00LVSYEHU

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