Method Fabric Softener - Pink Freesia 1.575Ltr

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Method Fabric Softener - Pink Freesia 1.575LtrYou big softy, you. Our new fabric softener leaves your socks so soft + fragrant you'll be reaching to stroke your toes. Naturally derived softening agents gently hug your fabrics to reduce static + clinginess (never a good look). each 100% recycled bottle contains 45 washes of tlc. Slip into something more cuddlable.Ingredients5-15%: Cationic Surfactants*, <5%: Perfume (Hexyl Cinnamal*, Limonene*, Citral*), Lactic Acid*, Others: Water, Propylene Glycol*, Dimethicone, Magnesium Chloride*, Colorant, *Denotes Plant or Mineral originDirectionsMade by and for people against dirty® © 2018 method products ltd.Safety WarningMix and match this Laundry detergent + fabric softener = tailored scent Pair this fabric softener with your favourite method laundry detergent for clothes that are extra soft and a scent that's tailor-made. To use: pour into softener dispenser of machine drawer. Leave to work its magic. Return to soft, scented laundry. (Sorry we can't do the ironing) always check the care label. Not suitable for certain fabrics such as silk or breathable sports fabrics. Standard load = 35ml (full cap = 40ml)Box Contains1Manufacturer Contact InformationThe Ministry Of Clean 1 Eton Street Richmond Tw9 1Ag B07LGS5V1Y

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