Mulieres All in 1 Eco Dishwasher Tablets 25s

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Mulieres All in 1 Eco Dishwasher Tablets 25sMulieres all-in-1 eco dishwasher tablet is formulated with 98 percent of the natural ingredients. We believe that caring for nature is possible without sacrificing the quality of everyday life. The Ecocert all-in-one tablet with water-soluble film ensures washing, Salt function, rinsing and machine protection. Comes in a pack of 25.IngredientsOxygen-based bleaching agents =5 - <15%; non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants <5%; enzymes; sequestrants; carbonate salts; silicates; sodium carboxymethyl inulin; concentrated extract from plant fermentation; TAED, salt; sodium glycolate; glycerine. B08GKG6FGF

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