Neilmed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit



Sinus Rinse is a natural soothing saline nasal wash. A large volume low pressure nasal wash is the most effective way to irrigate the nose based on current medical studies. Nasal irrigation is an excellent way to cleanse mucus from the nose making medications more effective. They also clean allergens, irritants, bacteria, and viruses from the nose reducing the frequnecy of infection. Furthermore they help decrease swelling in the nose and increase air flow. Sinus Rinse is great for all ages; it is available in Isotonic, Pediatric and Hypertonic concentrations.Indicationssinus rinse for nasal dryness, cold and flu, nasal irritation. Suitable for use after sinus surgery and during pregnancyIngredientsSodium chloride and sodium bicabonate mixture, isotonic, preservative and iodine freeDirectionsread the enclosed leaflet Natural Relief from Allergies and Sinus Symptoms | Large Volume, Low Pressure System | Premixed Sachets of USP Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate | pH balanced Isotonic solution | Gentle and easy to use delivery system

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