Nescafe Dolce Gusto Americano Coffee Capsules 16 Servings

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Transform your mornings NESCAF Dolce Gusto Americano, a smooth 100% Arabica coffee with an intensity of 4 out of 11. Savour the nuanced notes of lychee and rose, in this lightly roasted body, mug-sized coffee.Create professional quality coffee with a thick velvety crema, thanks to our high-pressure coffee machines (up to 15 bars pump pressure). With our hermetically sealed pods to preserve the fresh taste and aroma of our coffee, you?ll enjoy rich aromatic cups every time.This pack contains 16 pods designed for NESCAF Dolce Gusto coffee machines for you to prepare 16 mugs of Americano.IngredientsRoast and Ground Coffee.Manufacturer Contact InformationNestl‚Äö UK Ltd., PO Box 207, York, YO91 1XY, UK. COFFEE: An elegant, 100% Arabica coffee with fruity and floral notes, a lightly roasted body and a fine crema. Intensity 4 out of 11 | TASTE: With our hermetically sealed pods, which preserve the fresh taste of our coffee, you'll enjoy rich aromatic cups every time | QUALITY: Create professional quality coffee at the touch of a button, thanks to our high-pressure coffee machines with up to 15 bar pump pressure | EASE: Quick and easy preparation in less than 1 minute of over 50 drinks across the NesCafe Dolce Gusto and Starbucks range | SUSTAINABILITY: Responsibly sourced quality coffee, grown with respect for producers, their communities and the planet

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