Nivea Sun Immediate Protection Moisturising Sun Lotion Spf 15 200ml

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Protect & Bronze Sun Spray combines immediate protection with a natural looking tan. Supports skin's natural tanning ability* *The formula contains a natural plant extract which helps support skin's own melanin production (in-vitro). Use regularly for an even and natural looking tan. Contains no self tan. It is essential to choose the right sunscreens for your skin type, holiday destination, the time of the day and weather conditions. The SPF indicates the level of protection against harmful UVB rays and also the multiplication of natural protection for your skin type. Fairer skin requires a higher SPF to achieve the same level of protection that a darker skin type would get from a relatively lower SPF. However no sun protection product can completely block UV rays from reaching the skin. All our cosmetic products have been evaluated for safety and skin compatibility before a product is introduced into the market, as required by company policy and European law. This evaluation takes into account that most cosmetic products are used by female consumers of child-bearing potential and also by pregnant or breast feeding women. Therefore, all products placed onto the market are considered safe for use during pregnancy or breast feeding. When breast feeding avoid product application at the actual feeding/suckling area. UVA/UVB protection system - EU compliant^Supports skin's natural tanning ability^Water resistant^Skin compatibility dermatologically approved^UVA*** good Protect & Bronze sun spray

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