Olioseptil Purifying Sleep Spray 125ml

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Olioseptil Purifying Sleep Spray 125mlOlioseptil air purifying sleep spray is ideal for breathing healthier, purer air while improving sleep. Its formula combines essential oils carefully selected for their antiseptic, antiviral and disinfectant properties, while creating a fresh atmosphere. It aims to prevent the ambient germs to develop, pleasantly perfume your home while attending to your daily well-being. This product has demonstrated bactericides and acaricidal properties. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria within 5 minutes of contact and kills 100 percent of mites killed in less than 48 hours.IngredientsETHANOL 80% (M/M) (CAS 66-17-5), Essential oil complex: LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA WATER, CITRUS LIMON PEEL OIL, ROSMARINUS OFFCINALIS OIL, LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA LEAF OIL, of which GERANIOL* 0.002% (M/M) (CAS 106-24-1), LIMONENE, LINALOOL, CITRAL. Contains LIMONENE (5989-27-5) and BETAPINENES B0092OFNVQ

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