Organiwipes Organic Menstrual Cup Wipes 10Pcs



OrganiWipes are made for cleaning OrganiCup and other menstrual cups on occasions without access to clean water. Using a menstrual cup is fantastic, there are some many benefits that you will receive. Did you know, on average in the UK a woman will spend £18,000 on products to deal with their periods over a lifetime, that's a lot isn't it? Instead you could buy yourself an Organicup that will last for 10 years for less than £20, I think we can all agree which is the better option. There are other benefits as well, it can be worn up to 12 hours, much more environmentally friendly, eliminates irritation and dryness and rids the possibility of toxic shock syndrome. However, people are still fairly sceptical about them as there are worries about having to take them out and clean them but it's easy, just empty into the toilet and wash in the sink, then it is ready to use again. However, this isn't exactly ideal when you are in a public toilet, washing your cup out in the sink isn't something you want to share with the general public. This is where OrganiWipes work great, like normal just empty your menstrual cup into the loo but then just use one the OrganiWipes to wipe clean the cup, it's as easy as that. The OrganiWipes made from organic cotton and are perfume free to ensure that your menstrual cup doesn't irritate you. The discrete packaging means you don't have to worry about anyone knowing it's that time of the month, it looks just like a standard anti-bacterial hand wipe. Cleans your menstrual cup when there is no running water available | Perfect for using public bathrooms, nights out and when travelling | Made from organic cotton and perfume free to keep it body friendly | Discrete packaging makes it look just like a hand wipe

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