Original Source Lemon And Tea Tree Shower Gel 250ml

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Wakey wakey, rise and shine! Shrug off that groggy, post-sleep haze and experience real rapid refreshment with our lemon shower gel. Hit the shower and harness the power of 10 real lemons for a snappy citrus wake up that will last all day. While the exact origins of lemons are something of a mystery, the superb benefits both inside and outside the body are well known around the world. So whether you're flavouring food or fighting a cold, lemons are an undoubtedly a good thing to have to hand, and that makes them a perfect compliment for Tea Tree Oil which is just as famous for it's natural healing powers. We've combined the full-on refreshment of a lemon body wash with the superb qualities of a tea tree body wash too, making it the perfect partnership to blast away the cobwebs and slap your skin awake any day of the week. So get out there and earn your shower with this sharp and extremely popular clas

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