Osu Apple Cider Vinegar & The Mother Apple Juice Blend 500ml



Osu Apple Cider Vinegar & The Mother Apple Juice Blend 500mlCrafting premium vinegars is in OSU DNA, so we?re proud to draw on over 200 years of fermentation heritage in Japan to produce OSU. The Japanese translation of OSU is vinegar, reflecting OSU fundamental desire for simplicity and transparency. Naturally, OSU apple cider vinegar is raw and unpasteurised, containing ?The Mother?, however it?s also free from artificial flavourings, preservatives and colourings. OSU unique and versatile apple juice blend has been designed for a superior tasting experience and subtle sweetness, so making OSU your favourite daily habit has never been easier. Try it to liven up your superfood smoothies, detox teas, salad dressings, marinades, sushi seasoning, cocktails or mocktails or even use it as part of your beauty regime as a hair rinse or skin toner.IngredientsConcentrated Apple Juice (56%), Apple Cider Vinegar (44%), All Natural.DirectionsDue to the seasonality of the ingredients, some natural variation may occur. Contents may form a natural deposit. Shake before use. To drink, dilute to taste with still, sparkling or warm water. We recommend you dilute 1 part (20ml) Osu with 9 parts of water. Sprinkle OSU directly onto salads for a tangy burst of flavour. Add a delicious, zingy flavour to your marinade and healthy ingredients. Try Osu in your favourite cocktail. It'll soon become your secret ingredient.Manufacturer Contact InformationMizkan Euro Ltd., P.O. Box 145, Birmingham, B24 8WR, United Kingdom. B0813WQLX8

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