Pfeilring1115W Foldingnail File 11.5 Centimeter With White Handle

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Pfeilring have been making high quality implements for over 100 years and are so confident in the quality of the products that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all scissors, tweezers and nail files. Pfeilring products are all made in Germany from the highest quality materiels and using methods that have hardly changed since the industrial revolution, skilled craftsmen ensure that only the finest finshed products ever leave the factory gate. Outstanding quality, perfect functionality and reliable durability have been characterising the products from Pfeilring for over 111 years. Pfeilring tweezers can even grip the finest of hairs as the point of every single pair of tweezers is filed, leaving no ridges, and closes precisely. Pfeilring sapphire nail files are distinguished through their long durability. The sapphire grains are embedded into the file sheet in a complex productionprocess. An additional chrome coating prevents nail dustfrom sticking to the file and facilitates cleaning. The edges are filed by hand three times, which guarantees handling without any risk of injury. The sapphire nail file grips are produced in high quality cellulose and acetate. This plastic is particularlyrobust and is resistant to many acids. Pfeilring nail scissors cut the nailswithout squeezing or splitting them.The cuticle scissors can even cut very fine cuticles with utmost precision.All nail and cuticle scissors from Pfeilring are carefully sharpened and controlled by hand. Box Contains Pfeilring 11.5cm Folding File Made in Germany | Over 120 years of experience | Made by craftsmen from high quality steel

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