Philips Bodygroom Tt2000/43 Replacement Blade



For the ideal trim and shave, change the foil every 12 months for good results This is a replacement shaving foil head for the Philips Bodygroom range TT2021 to TT2030 The 100 per cent waterproof appliance makes it convenient to trim and shave your body in the shower and easy to clean Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body grooming Fits Philips Bodygroomer models: TT2020/15, TT2020/30,TT2020/31, TT2020/35, TT2021/30, TT2021/32, TT2021/33, TT2021/34, TT2021/35, TT2021/36,TT2021/50, TT2022/30, QG3280/41, TT2030/36,QG3280/32, TT2030/60, TT2030/61, TT2040/32 Directions Usage: Change foil every 12 months for good results. Use cleaning spray HQ110 for at least once a week for optimum results. Safety Warning Keep out of the reach of children. Do not swallow. In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water. Box Contains 1 x Shaving Head Foil Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body grooming | Wet and dry use; for use in shower and easy cleaning | 100 per cent waterproof for shower use and easy cleaning | For a close shave following your body's contours | For Philips Bodygroom range

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