Pukka Chamomile Vanilla And Manuka Honey Tea Bag20 Sachets 40g

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In stillness you are restored. In the midst of chaos and clutter, there?s a beautiful still pool. Finding your way there is easy - fresh water and heat awaken the magic of nature?s finest gifts: silky golden chamomile, exotic vanilla pod, and the golden balm of manuka honey. With a sip, stillness takes over. Enjoy your blissful moments.Every Pukka plastic-free tea bag comes in its own recyclable envelope to retain the essential oils in our organic herbs. Each bag has two chambers, allowing these incredible herbs to flow and release the full potency in your cup. To help the flavours to fully disperse, pour boiling water directly on the bag. Every herb loves the water, so leave them to steep for the perfect brew. Infuse for up to 15 minutes. Boiling just the water you need helps make every cup of Pukka tea as sustainable as it can be. Good news for inner peaceAt Pukka, our heartfelt desire is to create a healthier, happier world through the incredible power of organic herbs. We hope you feel inspired to discover more about yourself and the beautiful planet on which we all live. Doing good things helps make good things happen. We create things that help you, help nature and everything in-between. It?s called conservation through commerce - striving to positively change the world for you, business and the planet. We are a B Corp organisation, Giving back 1% for the Planet, Fair for Life and FairWild certified.If you enjoy Chamomile, why not discover, Love, Tulsi Clarity, Three Chamomile, Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey, Relax, Night TimeBox ContainsEach order comes with a pack of 4, 20 bags - Chamomile Vanilla Manuka Hon Good news for inner peace | Made with organic chamomile, fennel, licorice, manuka honey and vanilla | With a sip, stillness takes over. Enjoy your blissful moments | Naturally caffeine free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients | Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes | We are proud to be 1% for the planet. This product is certified FairWild and Fair for Life | Vegetarian, kosher and non-GM

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