Pukka Herbal Teas Revitalise - Organic Cinnamon And Ginger Tea, 20 Bags - 40g

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Pukka Revitalise Tea is a unique blend of warming herbs with fantastic invigorating properties. Drink it throughout the day to boost your vitality and maintain a healthy glow. Herbs have been used to support health for thousands of years. At Pukka we create unique blends to harness this incredible potential.IngredientsCinnamon Bark (25%), Orange Peel, Elderflower, Cardamom Seed (10%), Licorice Root, Ginger Root (7%), Green Tea, Spearmint Leaf, Clove Bud, Black Peppercorn. Made with organic cardamom, cinnamon, clover, elderflower, ginger and green tea | A tea to wake you and invigorate you | 100 Percent organically grown ingredients | Elderflower and orange peel add a vitalising zest | Green tea and spearmint leaf

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