Pukka Organic After Dinner Herbal Tea, 20 sachets



Pukka Organic After Dinner Tea is a wonderfully sumptuous tea for soothing digestion after your meal. First, the luxurious taste of roasted chicory. Next, the calm of cardamom mingling with aniseed, followed by sweet fennel and liquorice. This is a blend fit for every meal?s end. It could be the best course of the evening and your body will thank you every sip. Chicory is a small woody plant native to Europe and North America with superb bright blue flowers. The most traditional use of this plant is the roasting of the roots to produce a coffee substitute, creating a delicious bitter-sweetness, most commonly used in salad dishes.IngredientsRoasted Chicory Root (24%), Aniseed, Fennel Seed (20%), Licorice Root, Cardamom Seed (8%), Orange Peel, Ginger Root. Organic fennel, chicory and cardamom tea | Deliciously aromatic and calming tea | Fennel seed and aniseed are deliciously sweet and calming | Chicory is wonderfully rich and nourishing | Cardamom seed gives a soothing aromatic flavour

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