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Qsilica Qsilica One-A-Day Tablets 90sCompared to most other Silica supplements on the market, Qsilica's new and improved One A Day Silica Multi Nutrient formula contains tiny microscopic particles of suspended mineral silica which allows a convenient way of getting your daily dose of Silica, Vitamin D, Zinc, Biotin and Selenium in a skin, hair & nail supplementation. Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ONE-A-DAY Multi-Nutrient Tablets contain colloidal mineral silica, biotin, zinc and selenium in a convenient, once daily supplement. Silicon supports bone integrity, assists connective tissue production and together with biotin and zinc, supports the health of your skin, hair and nails. Selenium and zinc help reduce free radical damage to body cells. Our formula is highly absorbable using the best quality ingredients so it is a simple and easy way to obtain minerals and nutrients needed for collagen and keratin production. Our scientific Silica One A Day has a incredible role in the production of collagen which has amazing proven effects on joints, skin, hair & nail growth. Silica is also especially important for the health and wellbeing of connective tissue within the body and helps support your bodies joint cartilage as well as the ability to aid in the metabolism of calcium within the body. By supplementing with Qsilica's One A Day Tablet daily you can help support and balance your body. ??Easy to take at just one tablet per day?? Vegan approved & suitable for vegetarians??Naturally formulated ??Family owned Australian company using only premium ingredients Each Colloidal Silica One A Day Tablet contains 450mg of Silica, which at one tablet per day, keeps your body supported for 1 month!Add Colloidal QSilica One A Day tablets to your basket today and enjoy the benefits of Qsilica the Australian way!IngredientsActive ingredients per film coated tablet: Silica - colloidal anhydrous 450 mg (Equiv. to Silicon 210.38mg), Biotin 2.5 mg, Zinc citrate dihydrate 75.3 mg (Equiv. to Zinc 24.17 mg), Selenomethionine 250 micrograms (Equiv. to Selenium 100 micrograms)DirectionsAdults: Take 1 tablet per day with a glass of water. Take with food. B00AR6L876

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