Rude Health Puffed Wheat 125g



Rude Health Puffed Wheat 125gRude Health Puffed Wheat Cereal is made from 100 percent organic puffed wheat. Light and toasty puffed wheat are puffed to perfection. A light, delicious healthy breakfast cereal. It?s grown organically and harvested by farmers (we can?t take credit for that bit), then we blow some hot air through it to make it into the lightest, simplest and toastiest thing you can put in a bowl.IngredientsOrganic Puffed WHEAT (100%).DirectionsServed with milk and a drizzle of maple syrup. Mixed with Puffed Oats to float yourself all the way to Cloud Ten, the level above Cloud Nine.Safety WarningNo Warning ApplicableManufacturer Contact InformationRude Health, 212 New King?s Road, London, SW6 4NZ, United Kingdom. B08BNB59B9

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