Spontex Soap Pads 10 Pack

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The Spontex Soap Pads are efficient and perfect for those tough jobs around the house. The steel wool pads are made with 85% recycled steel fibres and are free from hazardous preservatives. They are also packed with soap with a subtle lemon fragrance for gleaming results. Composition: soap> 30%, artificial lemon fragrance <5%. For best results dampen the pad and rub over the desired surface. For tough stains, use the pad dry on a moist surface. Ensure that no residue is left in your washing up bowl or sink. Keep out of the reach of CHILDREN. Do not use on delicate surfaces. Test on an inconspicuous spot before use. GREAT EFFICIENCY. 10 powerful steel wool pads that keep their shape and are ideal for tough jobs. | SPARKLING RESULTS. Filled with 100% biodegradable soap made with sustainably sourced oil. | 0% ANIMAL INGREDIENTS. Soap contains no animal ingredients. | RECYCLED STEEL FIBRES. Soap pads are made with 85% recycled steel fibres. | RECYCLABLE PACKAGING. New cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

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