Strath Strath Liquid 500ml

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Strath Strath Liquid 500mlBio-Strath is a balanced formula derived from the active principles of live herbal yeast which has been treated by a unique biological process producing a herbal yeast complex rich in vital nutrients. Bio-Strath specifically strengthens resistance, accelerates health, speeding up the recovery time from colds, flu and other similar illnesses and strengthening your immune system. Available in 500 ml bottle.IngredientsACTIVE INGREDIENTS: EACH 5ML DOSE CONTAINS PLASMOLYSATE OF HERBAL YEAST FROM SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE (80%W/W). OTHER INGREDIENTS: HONEY, MALT AND ORANGE JUICE.DirectionsTake 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 2 - 3x a day before meals, by itself or mixed with fruit or vegetable juices. Use half for children aged 1 or more. Strath Original liquid has a pleasant sweet taste, which children tend to love. Supplements nutrition naturally all year round. Take for 2 - 3 months or as a cure in times of nutritional stress. Recommended for a longer period during times of nutritional stress, entirely harmless to health.Box Contains1 x Original Liquid B07LBLP9WM

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