Sukrin Granulated 2:1 Sweetener 250g



Sukrin Granulated 2:1 Sweetener 250gSukrin Plus is Sukrin that has been combined with stevia. This provides a completely natural sweetener with double the sweetness of sugar. Sukrin plus combine the sugar consistency of Sukrin with the sweetness of stevia. Sukrin eliminates the, sometimes, bitter aftertaste of a number of stevia products. Both Sukrin and stevia are zero-calorie products and Sukrin plus does not cause any spike in blood sugar levels. Sukrin plus is twice as sweet as sugar and therefore only half the amount should be used. This means you can replace all types of sugar in many different baked goods with Sukrin plus and yet maintain succulence and taste. Perfect for jams, sweetened drinks, baking and as a general sugar substitute.IngredientsSweeteners: erythritol and steviol glycosides.DirectionsStore in a cool, dry placeManufacturer Contact InformationFunksjonell Mat AS, Gamle Leirdals vei 12, 1081 Oslo. B0089HCXG0

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