Tin Of 36 Art Grip Aquarelle Studio Pencils



Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape and a soft-GRIP-zone for comfort. The thick, highly pigmented 3.3mm leads are SV-bonded to resist breakage. These pencils have a smooth color laydown, and come in brilliant colors that are fade resistant, water-soluble, and acid-free. They are also with a water-based varnish. Colors include:WhiteLight yellow glazeCadmium yellowDark chrome yellowDark cadmium yellowScarlet redPale geranium lakeMiddle purple pinkPermanent carmineMagentaLight magentaCrimsonBlue violetDelft blueLight violetCobalt blueCobalt blue greenishLight blueHelioblue-reddishMiddle phthalo blueLight cobalt turquoiseLight phthalo greenEmerald greenGrass greenDeep cobalt greenPermanent green oliveEarth greenVan dyck brownIndian redBurnt ochreLight fleshCold grey IWarm grey IVBlackSilverGold The vibrant colors of these colored pencils inspire any artist | Innovative pencils feature triangular shape and soft grip zone for comfort | Pencils have water-soluble, acid-free, highly pigmented lead | For ages 12 yrs. and up

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