Tonys Tonys Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Pack - Pack of 12

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Tonys Tonys Chocolonely Rainbow Tasting Pack - Pack of 12Difficult isn't it, having a lot of flavours to choose from.. Good news: with this rainbow tasting package you don't have to! Because you get all six of our small bars. Taste 'em all. Or share with your mama, your uncle, your life partner or your sweet colleague sitting next to you. You might even find some small bars you haven't seen before !.IngredientsFairtrade cocoa, sugar and honey. Sugar withmass balance. Minimal 69%.DirectionsEat and enjoyManufacturer Contact InformationTONYS CHOCOLONELY, PALM COURT RIVERSIDE, 4 HERON SQUARE, RICHMOND, TW9 1EW B08R1SB6SG

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