Twinings Everyday Decaffeinated 80 Teabags 250g



Twinings famously started selling their specialist teas in 1706 from London's Strand, during this time the most popular drinks in England were coffee, gin and ale. Although tea had been drunk in China for thousands of years, it had only just been imported to England.Thomas Twining enjoyed tea, so eventually he decided it was time to share it with England, where his customers enjoyed the benefits for the first time. When selling his tea he sold only the highest quality, and today Twinings maintains that philosophy. Ten generations have passed and Twinings continue to ensure that they keep the quality the best it can be.Twinings selected 100% Kenyan teas for the Everyday decaffeinated blend. With perfect growing conditions for year round harvests, the rich soil and equatorial climate produce consistently high quality tea with great strength of flavour.Best served with a splash of milk, you're sure to enjoy a refreshing cup of this vibrant blend.Satisfying, uplifting and that extra bit special.Ingredients100% Decaffeinated Black Tea

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